M tendero

Martínez Tendero's artistic career started in Madrid, in the mid-seventines, one of the most difficult but, at the same time, most interesting periods in Spanish art. During those years, the Spanish avant-garde movement obtained recognition and reached the level of the international avant-garde. At that time, Martinez Tendero , winner of numerous prizes, exhibited not only in Madrid but also in Japan.

Already his first paintings contain those grey-blue tones which later will prevail in his ouvre. Over the last thirty years, the artist, reaching maturity, has been almost compulsively devoted to the investigation of new spaces and ways of expression which have not only gained in definition and consistency but also in subtley and movement.

Art historians have sometimes described his work as "surrealistic fantasy characterized by its plasticity", and sometimes as "intimate, with soft colours, dense but very coherent, where the crossed rhythm of lines adds even more delicacy to the whole".

In Tendero 's artistic creation there is a balance between strength and subtlety. His gestural brush-strokes flow, giving way to multiple lines which, either within chaos or within order, form spaces that the aritst subjects to never ending, enriching processes until they transform themselves to scarcely perceptible transparencies, without losing their architectural dimension. They lead the beholders to wider spaces, approaching them to reality which transcends the merely visible level.

Prof. Dr. Wilfried SEIPEL
General Manager

Nov. 2008

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