M tendero


His works have been exhibited once or several times at: “Embajadores” Showroom in the Bank of Austria (Viena); "Delta"(S, Sebastián, Spain), Glass Palace in the Retiro (Madrid,Spain), Santa Cruz Palace (Toledo, Spain), Virreina Palace (Barcelona, Spain), Museum of Antequera (Málaga, Spain),St.Atilano's Church (Tarazona, Spain), "Atenas", "Libros", "Berdusan", "Goya" and "Patio de la Infanta" (Zaragoza, Spain), County Council of Malaga, "Mar" (Barcelona, Spain), "Bearn", "Norai" and "Bennasar" (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), "Tolmo" (Toledo, Spain), "Museum Benjamin Palencia" (Albacete, Spain), "Andrade" (C. Real, Spain), "Picasso" (Malaga, Spain), Museum of Murcia, Showroom "Goya" (Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, Spain), "Delta" (Albacete, Spain), County Council of Pontevedra, "Estil" (Valencia, Spain), County Council of Guadalajara, "Tebas" (Madrid, Spain), "Arimani" (Tarragona, Spain), "Terra-Ferma" (Lérida, Spain), "Dean" (Valencia, Spain), Conference and Exhibitions Centre of Barcelona,Cultural Centre of Madrid ,Museum "Nika" (Tokyo), Museums of Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka (Japan).


It has been purchased by the Nacional Museum for Contemporaneous Art of Madrid and it is well represented in several museums and intitutions,both public and private.His latest projects are an extension of his work made in Africa (C.M. of Africa, Madrid. 1966) and Malabo (Bioco), Douala and Yoaundé (Camerun),as well as those made about Romania and Austria.

“ARCHITECTURAL SPACES FOR A DREAM”,is the generis title of the works made by M. Tendero and presented by Prof.Dr. Wilfried SEIPEL General Manager of the KUNSTHISTORISCHES MUSEUM OF VIENA, for " Expo Zaragoza 2008 "

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